You don’t need to stutter on telephone calls. Most states provide free special telephone equipment that enables stutterers to speak fluently on the telephone. This device is Casa Futura Technologies’ Basic Fluency System. The device provides DAF and FAF to immediately reduce stuttering about 70%, without therapy, training, or abnormal-sounding speech. The device plugs into telephones that have a standard 2.5mm headset jack.

Basic Fluency System

Basic Fluency System with Plantronics MX100-S earphones

When used on a daily basis, Casa Futura Technologies’ DAF devices have been proven to train more than 50% carryover fluency. If you talk on the phone a half-hour or more each day, after a few months your stuttering the rest of the day, when you’re not on the phone should be about 50% less. If you also do speech therapy you may see even more carryover fluency.

The Basic Fluency System can also be unplugged from the telephone and used in face-to-face conversations.

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