Basic Fluency System

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 by Miss A from Seattle WA
Helps a lot!

[The Basic Fluency System] helps me so much when it comes to making phone calls and talking on the phone. I achieve perfect fluency about 90% of the time. The rest of the time I can still get out of a stutter more easily. However I don't like to wear it when I'm speaking in person because it is very loud and uncomfortable. Also it is big and bulky and kinda embarassing. I every little noise is magnefied. I prefer just using it for phonecalls. Even though it works just as well when i wear it and speak to people in person. I have heard of people that use devices consistently when they first purchase them and then the effects start to wear off. I have not had this problem because i only wear it during phone calls and when i really need it. It costs $1500.00 insurance covers it however it is a very slow process I bought mine in may of 2007 and I am still waiting to get reimbursed from the insurance company.

 by Ron Ruiz
Great Job

You've done a great job on the DVD and the book. You have a good combination
of research along with your own experience. The device that we got is well thought out and well made.

Ron Ruiz

 by Kathryn Rambo
Profoundly changed his life!

The customer who is currently using the DAF with the wires says that the unit has profoundly changed his life! (The guy was in tears over the phone when he told me this.)

She added that the customer is a tough "biker"!

Kathryn Rambo, Wisconsin Universalink
[state agency that provides the Basic Fluency System free to qualified residents]