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 by Craig Ross, SLP of CFR Speech Services
Worthy man, worthy product

You do not know how many stutterers I have seen break into a big smile because they never heard themselves fluent before donning your school DAF. One of the most satisfying things I have ever owned and used. Keep up the faith!

P.S. I have also used the School DAF "off-label" and with many positive outcomes for ARTICULATION. Give it a shot and spread the word!

 by Angie Bush

I just received mine!!! So excited for this to be a part of my therapy!! I wanted to thank you for the super quick turn around!!! Emails and questions were answered quickly/adequately and processing was fast. Thank you for helping to change lives!!!


Angie Bush M.A. CCC/ SLP

 by Ruth Boyd-Okogun, A/SLP-CCC

I purchased a DAF while attending the ASHA convention. It is amazing how much delight my students with fluency issues gained from using the device. In addition to supporting their reduction of dysfluencies, I observed an expansion of sentence length and an increased quantity of utterances. They enjoyed listening to themselves! Thank you for producing a quality item at a reasonable price.

Best Wishes,

Ruth Boyd-Okogun, A/SLP-CCC

 by Cheryl Horn, M.S., CCC-SLP
Three students no longer stutter

I am writing to say "thank you" for the contributions you and your company have made to the treatment of stuttering. The web site is a generous offering of information given to the public and professionals at no charge. Several years ago, I ordered a Delayed Auditory Feedback machine from your company and saw wonderful results for my students. I used the device to establish fluency and then introduced fluency shaping techniques. I have three elementary students who have "graduated" from the speech therapy program because they no longer stutter! I whole heartedly endorse your products.


Cheryl Horn, M.S., CCC-SLP

 by Jonathan's mom
A joy to hear him talk

Dear [school speech-language pathologist],

When Jonathan came home on Friday I had him put on the DAF and tell me about his day. IT WAS AMAZING! He did not stutter at all. I have to tell you, I broke down and cried. It was such a joy to hear him talk and not fight to get his words out.

He wore it during the evening on Friday, and all day Saturday. I think he only stuttered a total of three times in two days. He seems to be quite comfortable wearing it. It did not seem to distract him at all. We encouraged him to start speaking a little louder while he has the device on. He has become very soft-spoken with his stuttering problem. He talked to himself out loud a lot this weekend while he had the DAF on. We did not tell him to stop since he was getting use to it. I did talk to him and tell him that he cannot do this during class since it would be a distraction.

You have been a big part of Jonathan's life over the past four to five years. We want you to know how much we appreciate the extra time and effort you spend with him. I thought of you often this weekend as I sat and enjoyed listening to Jonathan talk to us with such fluency.


[mother of Jonathan]

El Paso County, Texas

The speech-language pathologist added:

We are loving the school DAF equipment! My students are having great success with it.

 by Tore Wolff
He could speak with no problem

I must tell you in my stuttering group once a week there came a new member from Germany but I think born in India and with very bad stuttering. When he should say his name it took about three minutes with very big stretches in all his body. After a while we asked if he wanted to try a [School] DAF and with the [School] DAF he almost at once could speak [slowly] with no problem. That is what I every time find with the DAF.

Tore Wolff

Stockholms Stamningsförening


 by Speech-language pathology discharge report
More than 95% fluent in conversations

[The client] is a 21-year old male…His documented disabilities include mental retardation and…a mild fluency disorder with mild-moderate cluttering…as part of his therapy program [the client] explored use of a [Casa Futura Technologies School DAF] device both in and outside the treatment setting. [The client] is currently participating in the prevocational skills training program. As part of this training, the client works daily in food service. Some of his job duties include cleaning, putting chairs up and down, and assisting his peers with carrying trays of food to their tables.…

The client was able to produce 5-6 sentences in conversation using an average rate and >95% intelligibility and minimal cuing with the use of the DAF device. Without the use of the DAF device, the client is approximately 80% intelligible.…

The client is {more than] 95% fluent in conversations inside and outside of the treatment session with the use of the DAF device. While wearing the DAF device, this therapist observed [the client] in conversational speech while working in the dining hall. The client engaged in conversation with his peer workers, peers eating lunch, and with faculty and staff. There were no disfluencies noted during this observation. This therapist also observed [the client] on a trip to the post office to buy stamps. The client demonstrated fluent speech during a conversation with the cashier at the post office. Without the use of the DAF device, the client is approximately 80% fluent in conversation speech inside and outside of the treatment setting.…

[The client] has been using the DAF device on loan from this department for 3-4 weeks. He has learned how to self-monitor and adjust the delay of the DAF device to accomodate his own speech. The client has demonstrated a willingness to wear the device in a variety of daily activities including work, class, therapy, and recreational activities. [The client] has expressed that he feels the DAF device has "slowed down" his overall rate of speech and that he sounds "smoother" when using the device. The client has spoken to his family on the phone using the device. He reported that he received positive feedback and support.…

 by Cheryl Horn, M.S., CCC-SLP
Two students graduated from the speech therapy program

I am a speech therapist in the public school system. I have been using the School DAF and had two students graduated from the speech therapy program who now have fluency within normal limits. I use the device daily as an auditory trainer for articulation therapy too! I turn the delay to off and turn the volume up so that the student can self monitor. It works great.

Thank you for making a great product that is making a difference in the lives of children who stutter.

Cheryl Horn, M.S., CCC-SL

 by Laurie Novak
Completely changed my student's life!

Thank you very much!! The DAF has completely changed my student's life!

Over Christmas break, Jake did not want to use his headset out in public. He does not mind using it in school; in fact, the other kids think it's really cool. Without his device over the holidays he had a rough time. An adult man was actually teasing him out in public! We appreciate your help!

It was good to document the difference in his fluency. I need to do this before the school will buy him his own DAF or upgrade.

Thanks for all that you do!

Laurie Novak

Glynn County Schools

St. Simons Island, Georgia