Ross Barrett

About: Ross Barrett provides an intensive 12-day behaviorally oriented (fluency shaping) stuttering treatment program in Norfolk, Virginia. The program is for stutterers ages 8 years old to adults. The fee is $3,695. This includes pre- and post-therapy assessments, therapy services, and post-therapy follow-ups for 1 year.

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 by Paul Goldstein
An outstanding Precision Fluency clinic

This is a review of the Precision Fluency Shaping clinic run by Ross Barrett at the Eastern Virginia Medical Center in Norfolk: I attended Ross's weeklong refresher programs 4 or 5 times during the period 1988-1992, after earlier completing the full 3-week program at Hollins. Ross is a person who stutters, a speech pathologist, and a master at use of Precision Fluency targets. He is knowledgeable and personally experienced in practical aspects of fluency shaping, and able to give additional insights into target use that Hollins, with its more rigid structure and all-fluent clinicians, cannot. In addition, I found Ross to be a sensitive, friendly and caring therapist. Unlike Hollins, he understands that relapses should not be blamed on the client, and that targets cannot be maintained 100% of the time. For my assessment of Precision Fluency Shaping in general, see my review of Hollins. For any who wish to learn those fluency shaping targets with a master, I recommend this clinic.