Speech-Language Professionals

We accept purchase orders, credit cards, or checks from American schools, speech clinics, and other institutions. Please call for professional discounts. Devices sold to, bought from, or approved by a speech-language pathologist may be returned within 60 days for a 100% refund.


  • Buy from a speech clinic: Consumers get a 60-day trial period and a 100% moneyback refund policy when buying from a speech clinic. You may have to pay a non-refundable fee to the speech clinic for a speech evaluation and training. Any speech clinic can order a device for you. To find a speech clinic look through board-certified Fluency Specialists; or the Stuttering Foundation of America‘s referral list; or go to a local stuttering support group and ask for recommendations; or look in your Yellow Pages under “Speech-Language Pathology,” then ask if the SLP has experience treating stuttering.
  • Order directly from Casa Futura Technologies. Consumers buying directly from Casa Futura Technologies may return devices within 30-days for a 90% refund. You can use the orange PayPal shopping cart on each device’s product page or contact us. We accept credit cards, PayPal, money orders drawn on American banks, and international bank wire transfers.
  • Request a device from a third-party payer: See our Discounts and Subsidies page.
  • Foreign sales: Please order from our foreign distributors. If we don’t have a distributor in your country you may order directly from us.

Shipping within the United States

We prefer to ship United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS Ground to United States addresses is usually $15 or less. The PayPal online shopping cart doesn’t calculate actual shipping costs. If you want to pay actual shipping costs, or if you want shipping other than UPS Ground, contact us. Or to find the actual shipping cost for any UPS service go to the UPS website and enter “Boulder, Colorado, 80303” for the shipping from location and three pounds as the shipping weight. This map shows UPS Ground delivery times:

UPS Ground Time-in-Transit Map

UPS Ground Time-in-Transit Map

For example, Colorado is one business day, the mountain and plains states are two business days, the west coast and Midwest are three business days, and the east coast is four or five business days. UPS doesn’t deliver to post office boxes.

We can also ship United States Postal Service (USPS).

Distributors (United States)

Foreign Distributors

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Flag of Australia

Carol Bishop

Multimedia Speech Pathology

1/14 Miami Shore Parade



Website: http://www.mmsp.com.au

E-mail: mmsp@tpg.com.au


Flag of Bulgaria

Blaniko Ltd
Kyustendil, Bulgaria
0882 700 306

Website: http://www.specialnite-deca.com, http://www.logo-store.eu

E-mail: info@specialnite-deca.com



Miguel Velazquez



C.P. 54020


Teléfono: +52 (555) 378-8398

Website: http://smalltalk.mex.tl/

E-mail: small.talk@live.com



Helsesenteret Horten Sykehus
Harald Pedersensgt. 9
3182 Horten NORWAY
Website: http://www.stamming.com
E-mail: tom@norresource.no

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan


Dr. Moayyad Homidi
The Modern International Center for Speech
United Arab Emirates- Sharjah Tel No. 00971509945398
Saudi Arabia- Jeddeh Tel. No. : 00966565231111
Jordan- Amman Tel. 00962799409111
Middle east countries pls. text to whats up 00966565231111

E-mail: moayyad70@gmail.com

South Korea

South Korea


53-16 Ogum-dong


Seoul 138857, SOUTH KOREA

Telephone: +82-2-443-4456

Fax: +82-2-443-4457

Website: http://www.apsuninc.com/

E-mail: info@apsuninc.com


Flag of Sweden

Stefan Tingström

RehabCenter AB
Enhagsvägen 18
TÄBY S-187 40 Sweden

(468) 768 2500

Website: http://www.rehabcenter.se/

E-mail: stefan@rehabcenter.se


Flag of Taiwan

Jennifer Lin

Reference Technology Ltd Co
1F., No. 5, GongYeQu 10th Rd.
Taichung 407 Taiwan

+886 (4)2358-1600

E-mail: jennifer@sancordon.com.tw

Other Countries

Order directly from Casa Futura Technologies or ask a local speech clinic to order a device for you. Shipping (USPS Global Express Mail, insured) is usually around $50. For exact shipping cost and time see the USPS website (click “Add Extra Services” to add insurance and the pick-up charge) or the UPS website. The “ship from” location is “Boulder, Colorado, 80303” and the shipping weight is three pounds.