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Discover the hidden power of your name!

Medieval Jewish rabbis developed the mystical knowledge known as Kabbalah to find hidden meanings in the Torah. Now an iPhone app shows you the fortune associated with your name. It’s useful if you’re considering changing your name, using a different version of your name, or naming a baby.

Kaballistic Numerology is available on the App Store for $1.99. The app runs on all iPhones and also the iPod touch.


The Kabbalah fortunes were written by Maggie McPherson, Ph.D. The app is dedicated to her memory.

Maggie McPherson

Let’s look at Steve Jobs’s Kabbalah fortune. His full name is Steven Paul Jobs.

The software developer who wrote this app dated Steve Jobs’ wife when they were in high school!

The next screen says that the Kabbalah fortune associated with Steve Jobs is called “The Alchemist.”


Steve Jobs

Other celebrities with the same fortune: Oprah Winfrey


Bill Gates


John Lennon


14th Dalai Lama


Bill Clinton


Barack Obama


George Clooney


George W. Bush


Sonia Sotomayor


How Kabbalistic Numerology Works

Hebrew, unlike most modern languages, lacks a separate numerical alphabet. Each letter in Hebrew also represents a number. As early as the first century BCE Jewish scholars converted letters into numbers to find hidden meanings in the words of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). This esoteric study reached its height in the medieval period.

More recently, the 26 letters of English have been assigned numbers, as follows:

A = 1 B = 2 C = 3 D = 4 E = 5 F = 8 G = 3 H = 5 I = 1
J = 1 K = 2 L = 3 M = 4 N = 5 O = 7 P = 8 Q = 1 R = 2
S = 3 T = 4 U = 6 V = 6 W = 6 X = 5 Y = 1 Z = 7

For each word in the name (two words joined by a hyphen are considered one word), add up the values of the letters. If the sum is 11 or 22, stop. If the sum is over 9 (but not 11 or 22), add the digits in the sum. If this second sum is still over 9, add the digits again (etcetera, until you reach a single-digit number, or 11 or 22). Next add together the sums for each word. If this number is over 73, add its digits to get a smaller number. The two-digit number you get from this summation is called the “compound number” and is related to the destiny and Kabbalah fortune.

Next add the digits of this number (and repeat if necessary) until you arrive at a single-digit number, the “single number”; this relates mostly to personality. Not every name has a compound number (a Kabbalah fortune), but most do.

Here is an example:

Leslie Margaret Perrin McPherson
353315 41231254 852215 438552375
20 22 23 42
2 22 5 6
2 + 22 + 5 + 6 = 35 (compound number)3 + 5 = 8 (single number)Some sources make X equal to 6. If your name has an X, try entering your name with a U (or a V or a W, all equal to 6) in place of the X. E.g., instead of Xiomara, enter Uiomara.

Kabbalistic numerology is different from the more popular Pythagorian numerology, which includes your birthdate.

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