Institute for Stuttering Treatment And Research

About: ISTAR offers fluency shaping stuttering therapy in Edmonton, Canada. Programs include 3-week intensive clinics (6 hrs per day) for adults in January and June and for teens (ages 11-18) in July. A 2-week intensive clinic (2 hrs per day) followed by a 4 day camp for children ages 7-11 and their families is offered in August. There are extended therapy programs available throughout the year for preschool children and others for whom intensive clinics are not suitable. Refresher clinics for individuals or small group maintenance sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Current prices for evaluation range from $215.00 to $260.00; 3 week course for $3,980.00.

Evidence: ISTAR is a leader in researching stuttering treatment, with more than a dozen published studies. Two studies found that the program was effective for 70% of adults and teenagers, marginally effective for an additional 5%, and ineffective for 25% of stutterers.

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 by Fluencymom from Algonquin, IL
The Stars at ISTAR

I traveled from Chicago to Edmonton, AB with my 15 yr old son to the ISTAR 3 week clinic. He stuttered as a preschooler, got tx and was fluent but became a severe stutter again. ISTAR is a godsend!!! The slp called us and was so warm and positive we all felt very hopeful. She really CARED about helping us. The clinic staff gave my son skills to help him increase fluency and stop a stutter and smoothly recover. The way they addressed the emotional side was also phenomenal. His slp was a former client of ISTAR. The fun part was learning how to help him and seeing him successfully practice talking on the phone, in a job interview, and give a speech in a big lecture hall. SO MANY folks ask us where he got tx to become so smooth in just 3 weeks and maintain it even in stressful situations. If you want to change your life go to ISTAR!! I've told all my fellow physicians about it. People travel from all over the world to go to ISTAR.