Edinburgh Masker

About: The Edinburgh Masker synthesized a sine wave synchronized to the user’s fundamental frequency of phonation, i.e., a humming sound matching your vocal pitch.

Evidence: Two clinical trials found that the device reduced stuttering about 50%, and that the effectiveness didn’t diminish over a period of six months.


  • Block, S., Ingham, R.J., & Bench, R.J. (1996). The effects of the Edinburgh Masker on stuttering. Australian Journal of Human Communication Disorders, 24, 11-18.
  • Dewar, A., Dewar, A.D., Austin, W.T.S., Brash, H.M. (1979) The Long Term Use of an Automatically Triggered Auditory Feedback Masking Device in the Treatment of Stammering. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 14(3), 19-26.
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 by john frendo
the original masker

I was the second person that tried the masker.l went to Scotland to see Dr. Ann Dewer and l can tell you. My life really changed. I been wearing it for the last 37 years. l wish that someone will start to manufacturing it again cause thats the only device that really WORKS.

 by Frederick Fenig
My life has 2 parts - before and after the Edinburgh Masker

My life has 2 parts - before the Edinburgh Masker and after the Edinburgh Masker.

I was and still am a severe stutterer. Before receiving the Edinburgh Masker my life, like all stutterers, was incredibly difficult. Looking back I don't know how I even survived but somehow I did. Stuttering is devastating. You speak constantly. You communicate your needs and wants. If you are unable to speak it is a tremendous handicap. It is incapacitating. You are just barely living.

After receiving the Edinburgh Masker in 1980 my life changed completely. I was able to speak like a normal person. It is wonderful. My life totally changed for the better -professionally, financially and emotionally. I became a normal person living a normal life.

I hope all who stutter or have any disability are able to overcome it. May we all be cured of our handicaps. Never give up. I stuttered for 30 years and was marginal at best. Now I feel the joy of living, loving and laughing. Thank you Lord.

 by Bob Paton
It helped my speech enormously

I imagine this is no longer made. I still have mine although I use a casfutura device now. It helped my speech enormously. Downside was being unable to hear when speaking. Best part was it was always beneficial. Most conventional therapy wears off after a while and I've spent thousands on them