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  • Five Evidence-Based Stuttering Treatments Start here with this short, easy-to-read introduction. (25 pages)

  • What Stuttering Treatments Are Effective? An evidence-based review of more than 200 studies. (29 pages)

  • The Thiamin Protocol. A detailed examination of the effects of vitamin B-1 and magnesium on stuttering and its underlying neural processes, by Martin F. Schwartz, Ph.D. (92 pages, 2015.)

  • Medications for Stuttering. Two systematic reviews examined more then 30 studies of pharmacological treatments for stuttering. (17 pages)

  • Fluency Shaping Stuttering Therapy – Techniques and Theory. Including new ideas for making fluent speech automatic and effortless. (80 pages)

  • Stuttering in Children – From Toddlers to Teenagers. Why do children start stuttering? Why do some children recover? Is the best therapy provided by SLPs or parents? (34 pages)

  • Stuttering and Stress. The physiology of stress and speech, different types of stress increase or decrease stuttering, and treating stress in stutterers. (25 pages)

  • Technology for Stuttering. Devices that immediately reduce stuttering while training long-term carryover fluency are the future of stuttering therapy. (26 pages)

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