Electronic Devices

SmallTalk SmallTalk – $2495
Immediately reduces stuttering, while training you to no longer need the device. It’s the world’s smallest DAF/FAF anti-stuttering device, and includes Bluetooth wireless technology.
Basic Fluency System Basic Fluency System – $1495
DAF and FAF for fluency on and off the telephone. Many states provide the Basic Fluency System free to qualified residents.
School DAF School DAF – $295
Simple, easy-to-use DAF device for treating childhood stuttering. Used by thousands of school speech-language pathologists.

Blog Posts

Stuttering Blog Posts

Stuttering Therapy Reviews

Stutterers review treatments they’ve done.

Stuttering therapy reviews

Stuttering Information

  • What is Stuttering? How fluent speech is produced, core stuttering behaviors, secondary symptoms, and incidence and prevalence.
Stuttering information
  • Neurology of Stuttering. Brain imaging studies of adult stutterers reveal overactive speech motor activity, underactive auditory processing, and abnormal dopamine activity.
  • Genetics of Stuttering. Why your genes likely aren’t to blame for your stuttering.
  • Stuttering Support Groups. Why you should join a stuttering support group, what activities your stuttering support group can do together, and how to discuss stuttering.
  • Cluttering and Other Fluency Disorders. Neurogenic stuttering, psychogenic stuttering, spasmodic dysphonia, hypokinetic dysarthria.
  • Practice Word Lists
  • Alternative words: stammering, stammer, studdering, studder

Last update: May 11, 2019