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Casa Futura Technologies
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About Us

My name is Thomas David Kehoe. I stuttered severely. I completed seven speech therapy programs with little or no effect on my speech. When I was thirty, in 1992, I graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago. Because of my speech the only job I could get was working as a temp. One day an office telephone malfunctioned and echoed my voice back to my ear. I remembered a DAF device I’d tried in a speech clinic and I matched my speaking rate to the delay. I spoke fluently on that call and had improved fluency the rest of the day. I couldn’t afford to buy a DAF machine so I built myself a DAF telephone. Then my friends in my stuttering support group asked me to build DAF telephones for them, and this grew into a company. Twenty years later, Casa Futura Technologies is the leading manufacturer of technology for treating stuttering and the speech disorders associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Thomas David Kehoe

May 3, 2013. Beautiful spring weather in Boulder!